Stefanie Hollerbach

aberrational occasions

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In her paintings, Stefanie Hollerbach deals with objects, their plasticity and deconstructs the painted illusions likewise. While in her sculptures, the motif of the line re-occurs and turns the space into a pictorial surface. In both media, her artistic approach shows a deliberate freedom of interpretation that plays with subtle hints, rather than clear statements. In the exhibition 'Aberrational Occasions', the confrontation of different dimensionalities becomes central: while shifting between two- and three-dimensionality so-called 'aberrations' emerge. The term ‚aberration' is used in various fields, for example in optics, medicine, astronomy and photography. Generally, an aberration always describes a deviation from a normal state. In the body of works, the phenomenon of aberration becomes a metaphor for translating real occasions into abstract works, which become self-referential. As they refer to their own materiality, mediality and associated functions, the question arises which element conditions the other. Direct or abstracted references to the obvious are evoked through their own deconstruction. Both, sculptures and paintings, lead towards an irritating impression and challenge everyday perceptual mechanisms of the ordinary. Mechanical and physical conditions are suggested and alienated. As if taken from memory, Stefanie Hollerbach’s works form their own reduced formal language.
Isabell Alexandra Meldner