Bernice Nauta and Isabel Cavenecia

Wings Full of Moss

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Wings Full of Moss is an offsite exhibition that was on at Alter LuisenstĂ€dtischer Friedhof in Berlin on 20 March 2023. Featuring drawings by Bernice Nauta and Isabel Cavenecia. The backdrop of the cemetery allowed the artists to playfully engage with this beautiful heterogeneous space and let the drawings and the silent sculptures come into a full embrace. The drawings and the accompanying haiku that they wrote are letters to the angels and the realm of the dead. Wings full of moss Hello stone angels We have seen dusk in your gaze Why can’t we hear you? Title Exhibition #wingsfullofmoss at #Friedhofberlin Artists: Bernice Nauta @bernicenauta Isabel Cavenecia @isabelcavenecia #bernicenauta #isabelcavenecia
Bernice Nauta and Isabel Cavenecia