Simon Goritschnig

A Constant Struggle

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A thought experiment: Nowadays, the alien constructions fit seamlessly into the architecture of local language. As neophytes of unexplained origin, they are overgrown by plants and stand firmly anchored in the soil. They have become part of the landscape, part of earth, part of mythology. As ecosystems become unbalanced, the unknown becomes commonplace, the foreign becomes familiar. "A Constant Struggle" tells a story about the Anthropocene, about the influence of mankind on the history of the earth and about contemporary geo-political processes that influence the appearance of the planet. Simon Goritschnig was born in 1988 / Austria. He studied graphics and printmaking at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In his works, he expands drawing by means of technology and explores the border between new media and fine arts. In sight specific installations he refers to mythology, science fiction and biology. For his diploma thesis, we was awarded the Ernst-Beranek Fekkowship and in 2018 he received the foreign scholarship for Paris from the city of Klagenfurt. His works have been shown in Austria, Great Britain, Poland, Sweden, France and China.
Simon Goritschnig