Emma Passera

Unfold Anemia

Project Info

  • 💙 Pal Project
  • 🖤 Emma Passera
  • 💜 Maya Coline
  • 💛 Romain Darnaud

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Emma Passera combines and confronts the elements that make up the scenes of her daily topography, forging a nuanced view of the antagonistic notions that coexist, not without violence, in each of us. By juxtaposing pieces of glass, worked metal and shards of broken mirror, the artist sketches a complex, sensitive interplay of light and transparency that envelops salvaged artifacts in both softness and preciousness, ultimately sending us back to alteration and rejection. Underpinned by an obvious impulse to repair, the works in the "Unfold Anemia" exhibition fundamentally reflect an internal conflict between existence and extinction. Emma Passera examines her body in a post-traumatic temporality, enabling a semantic and transversal exploration of its conditioning, while prompting a contemplation of the aesthetic archetypes that govern it.
Maya Coline