Antonia Breme

fluidity unwrapped

Project Info

  • 💚 T. Melis Golar
  • 🖤 Antonia Breme
  • 💜 T. Melis Golar
  • 💛 Zeynep Fırat

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In the new season Viable begins with a solo show "Fluidity Unwrapped" by Berlin based artist Antonia Breme. The exhibition is curated by Melis Golar and brings together the latest outcomes that have been held by the artists to date.  Working and thinking about the elements of showcase design over sculptural aspects and abstracting through new forms, Antonia Breme seeps this time to the vitrine of Yaya at Viable.  The artist reinterprets the desire of consumption through a mundane and ordinary action while referring  to the passage being a shopping spot and the physicality of its vitrines. Breme blends the eye-catching, assertive and often unreal world of the vitrines which awakens this desire  at the highest levels, in her distinctive way on sculptural elements such as material, texture, mass and shadow. The movements of empty wrapping papers on the display offer a soothing, sensual and naive view, despite the fast and aggressive nature of consumption. This exhibition is supported by Goethe Institute Istanbul
T. Melis Golar