Kathryn Fischer & Tereza Silon

Sinews: holding our sh*t together

Project Info

  • 💙 Galerie 35M2
  • 💚 Anežka Januschka Kořínková
  • 🖤 Kathryn Fischer & Tereza Silon
  • 💛 Peter Kolárčik

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The exhibition project Sinews: holding our sh*t together by Kathryn Fischer and Tereza Silon is the second contribution to the concept of radical happiness, which – as opposed to the Rotating Happiness project that focused on the individualized search for happiness – examines our own interpersonal interactions and their cultivation. Through the use of textiles, giving a sense of safety and intimacy, the space of Gallery 35M2 is transformed into a place that encourages listening, sharing, and building closeness. The rooms are filled with echoes of the sound recordings – excerpts of a personal correspondence between Kathryn and Tereza – made over the course of several years. They share (with each other and now with us) intimate moments from their lives, often resulting in commentary about social issues such as various models of relationships, health, illness, aging, sexuality, gender, oppressive structures and power structures and many more. As simple an act as recording an audio track, allows them to practice and strengthen their friendship through listening and learning about the experiences of others. It is only through understanding and strengthening of our interconnections and relationships with our environment that we can bring about any societal change that will ultimately result in an improvement of the affective micro-politics. The personal is political.