Vid Koprivšek

Swarm Entry

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  • 💙 Aksioma Project Space
  • 💚 Domen Ograjenšek
  • 🖤 Vid Koprivšek
  • 💜 Domen Ograjenšek
  • 💛 Domen Pal / Aksioma

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Simple agents exhibit complex behaviour. On its way to the hive, a bee readies its sensory experience, preparing it to be extended onto others. The twitch of the wings, the turn of the body, clockwise, then counterclockwise. Culture holds an innate ability to be made into a plan. The other bees gather and observe. The dance grants the bee the ability to acquire targets, carry out reconnaissance and share its findings. All with precision in numbers. It is general reactivity before conscious planning. Self-organisation comes by way of sensorimotor exchange and pheromonal tracing, randomness or error amplified until emerging as structure. The swarm enters the fray of life as soon as the environment outscales the agent’s ability to comprehend it. Swarm Entry echoes it in this endeavour. It joins it in the strategic delight of dance, the movement of self-organising, of the principles that draw structure out of chaos. Foremost a headspace, it merges the movement of bodies with that of pieces of information and its inherent processes of thought, leaving behind the intuitive notion of the mind as an individualised enclosure. Within it, simple agents carry out complex manoeuvres and tasks. Our sensorimotor skills reacting before consciously planning. Reflexive movements become strategies and plans. Experiences automatised. Extending collective reach.
Domen Ograjenšek