Maya Pita-Romero


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"Lamer un tallo cortado"
With smooth bark and a color ranging from brown to gray, it branches out from the base, where thick, straight, and flexible branches emerge. After the flowering of Nerium oleander or oleander, it is recommended to prune all branches in half to encourage the growth of shoots that will give rise to new flowers. Bitten stems, torn leaves, or broken flowers secrete latex to prevent any organism from coming into contact with their wound, thus creating a protective layer. Since the times of myth, we were taught to rebuild our new skin as they and many others did. Our grandmothers wove blankets with which we covered ourselves. Our broken and chewed bodies become monstrous, strange beings.These new skins hide latex and polyester flowers that tell terrible stories. We take refuge and protect ourselves under their threads to look into the darkness without fear. Our wounds, now, ooze latex.
Maya Pita-Romero