Bouquet of hope...hopelessness

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We love clichés and appealing to feelings or values that are familiar to everyone, which helps to put the viewer in a domestic mood from the moment they enter the exhibition. Only later do we find that these memories have been coloured and the familiar is transformed into something scaled down, funny or surprising... this time into a giant winter bouquet. We are launching a series of exhibitions during which we will present the selected works in an unusual form, in this case a bouquet...The works will be incorporated into an object we have created. The only opportunity for the work of those selected during the open call to become a flower :-)) The theme of the exhibition is hope...hopelessness. Voices are divided, some people chose both words when sending in their work, it turned out that something that has a bit of hope in it is first plunged into hopelessness and that these two notions are in constant exchange and hopelessness reigns supreme. Preparing this exhibition, we thought back to our beginnings, the fact that open calle allowed us to meet lots of great people, and that working together on photo-objects, gave us hope that it was possible to do an exhibition in a different way, and that maybe this one would turn out to be the Turnus way.... No matter how old Turnus gets, we hope that its Turnus-ness, or sociability and fun, never goes away.