muesli collective


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  • 💙 L Museum
  • 🖤 muesli collective
  • 💛 Silvia Cappellari

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Working together with highly sensitive materials, the collective makes objects and installations that respond to invisible environmental factors such as ambient humidity and temperature. The artworks evolve throughout the day, exhibiting varying colors and crystallization patterns that shift and redistribute on their surfaces. Fascinated by meteorological phenomena, the passage of time, theories of parallel universes, and religious miracles, Muesli delves into ecological relationships—examining the interconnectedness between beings and their surroundings. Additionally, Muesli showcases matter in its diverse states: from the corrosion resulting from the interaction between metals to the absorption of silica, and the sensitivity of fabrics to ambient humidity. This exploration suggests transitions, intermediary phases, and encourages contemplation of the slightest variations and surface irregularities. Muesli engages in a dialogue with science, in a back-and-forth with scientists such as chemists and glaciologists. These interactions serve as starting points for their artistic practice, from which the collective (re)composes and invents.