Elena A. V. Reckevitz

Imagine an Island

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  • 💙 Medūza
  • 🖤 Elena A. V. Reckevitz
  • 💛 Laurynas Skeisgiela

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„An island offers a stage: everything that happens on it is practically forced to turn into a story, into a chamber piece in the middle of nowhere“ (Schalansky, J., Atlas of Remote Islands: Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot On and Never Will, Penguin books, 2014) Through a gentle method of mapping and archiving, three perspectives, guidelines for thinking about the northern islands, are outlined: from above, from the side and from the island itself. Here, the physical and emotional experience of the island is only possible by breaking out of the frame of complacency and knowledge, by trusting the body, the place and all the invisible tentacles. It is an experience that oscillates between reality and fiction, reminiscent of a constantly changing world, which is always functioning one step ahead of our understanding. The body turns from an object into a source of creative understanding. The idea of the project is to allow the viewer to take a closer look at the artistic process of the creator, and through the collected archive of islands, to contribute to the creative experience, construction and reflection of the island through their own imagination and personal experience. Artist: Elena A. V. Reckevitz (b. 1998) is a Lithuanian-German artist, a student of Vilnius Academy of Arts, MA in Graphic Arts. Graduated from Scandinavian Studies in Vilnius in 2021. The artist creates installations on the theme of islands using scientific research on islands and field research practice. The exhibition is partly funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and is part of the creative programme of the Lithuanian Artists' Union.