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Johannes Bendzulla

Tom Król

Ralph Schuster

5. Termine:
21/11/2020 — 18/12/2020
— Exhibtion
TARANTULA – Jacopo Belloni, Beatrice Celli, Derek MF Di Fabio
Sonnenstube Off-Space
Jacopo Belloni, Beatrice Celli, Derek MF Di Fabio
09/11/2020 — 06/12/2020
— Announcement
HYPERTOPIA Field Exploration

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Martin Müller, Laureline Simon Krichewsky
21/11/2020 — 20/12/2020
— Exhibtion
Together Forever – Gvantsa Jishkariani Solo show
Together Forever
Gvantsa Jishkariani
14/11/2020 — 19/12/2020
— Exhibtion
BRAID – Monique Mouton solo show
Monique Mouton
31/10/2020 — 15/12/2020
— Exhibtion
Thousand secrets
Patara gallery
Ruska Badriashvili
16/10/2020 — 05/12/2020
— Exhibtion
Amba Sayal-Bennett: A Mechanised Thought
Amba Sayal-Bennett
Amba Sayal-Bennett
31/10/2020 — 07/03/2021
— Exhibtion
Caroline Martel, Alexandra Gerbaulet, Stephanie Comilang, Aki Kaurismaki, Harun Farocki, Solveigh Suess, Faiza Ahmed Khan, Fatou Kandé Senghor, Ahmet Ögüt, Sharon Lockhart, Andrew Norman Wilson, Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
07/11/2020 — 10/01/2021
— Exhibtion
Eva Berendes, Alexandra Leykauf
04/11/2020 — 19/12/2020
— Exhibtion
Jule Korneffel
04/11/2020 — 19/12/2020
— Exhibtion
Inaugural show: ‘All that kale’ by Jule Korneffel
Claas Reiss, 96 Robert Street, London NW1 3QP
Jule Korneffel
23/10/2020 — 06/12/2020
— Exhibtion
STATE Studio
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Dominique Koch, Himali Singh Soin, Ani Liu, Salavatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico, Jana Maria Dohmann, etc.
06/06/2020 — 13/12/2020
— Exhibtion
John Miller – An Elixir of Immortality
Schinkel Pavillon
John Miller
6. News:
Shipping Edition 2020
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