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5. Termine:
05/08/2021 — 24/08/2021
— Exhibtion
Emoji-bot [Du{think}BTTR_off_alleine?]
ACUD Galerie, Veteranenstrasse 21, 10119 Berlin
Zander Porter, ketia, Harald Stojan, Annalise Van Even
30/07/2021 — 10/08/2021
— Exhibtion
visible Spectrum
Projektraum 145
Niklas Jeroch, Ana Castillo, Katya Quel Elizarova, Navot Miller, Projektraum 145
03/07/2021 — 12/12/2021
— Exhibtion
Cevdet Erek, Ali Eyal, Shilpa Gupta, Taus Makhacheva, Dhali Al Mamoon, ••PROPAGANDA DEPARTMENT, Evariste Richer, Yazan Rousan und Antje Van Wichelen + Maxime Gids
14/08/2021 — 14/08/2021
— Performance
Performance FLUIDITY by Anys Reimann & Theresa Weber
Dortmunder Kunstverein
Anys Reimann & Theresa Weber
12/08/2021 — 12/08/2021
— Performance
Performance FLUIDITY by Anys Reimann & Theresa Weber
Dortmunder Kunstverein
Anys Reimann & Theresa Weber
21/08/2021 — 03/10/2021
— Exhibtion
Von offenen Narben und verhüllten Geweben // Textil als Sprache der Resilienz (Of Revealing Scars and Concealing Material // Textile as a language of resilience )
Galerie im Saalbau
Tewa Barnosa, Nuray Demir, Regina José Galindo, Samira Hodaei, Sophie Utikal, Verena Melgarejo Weinandt
23/07/2021 — 22/08/2021
— Exhibtion
The Garden. Cinematics of the soil
silent green Kulturquartier

16/07/2021 — 02/09/2021
— Exhibtion
Paolo Roversi – Il Tempio del Maestro
Maison Random - Palazzo Baronio in Ravenna
Paolo Roversi
09/05/2021 — 29/08/2021
— Exhibtion
Christian Bazant-Hegemark
Thalheim bei Wels
10/07/2021 — 15/08/2021
— Exhibtion
Anne Haack, Julian Kirchner, Svea Mausolf, Ralph Schuster, Slison Yip
25/06/2021 — 29/08/2021
— Exhibtion
Jenny Brosinski: Doch.
Kunstverein Schwerin
Jenny Brosinski
D-19055 Schwerin
01/10/2021 — 03/10/2021
— Exhibtion
LINDENOW Festival #17

04/07/2021 — 06/08/2021
— Exhibtion
Jonas Kamm, Patrick Lohse, Elizaveta Podgornaia,Isabelle Wenzel
02/07/2021 — 20/08/2021
— Exhibtion
transfusio curated by Rahel Schrohe
Kang Contemporary
Katrin von Lehmann, MASCH, Carolyn Prescott, Raúl de Zárate
11/06/2021 — 21/08/2021
— Exhibtion
In the day I dream of faraway places
Kingston Arts Centre
Sean McDowell
— Exhibtion
Webshop of Broomberg & Chanarin’s Fotoklasse
Media Art & Misfortune
Featured artists: Xian Qi, Charlotte Spiegelfeld, Julian Slagman, Kristina Savutsina, Leon Schweer, Folke G. Matthes, Marc Botschen, Malin Dorn, Lena Kunz, Julie Coulon, Janosch Börckel, Luise Hamm, Alexander Kadow, Matthias Rebaschus, Manda Steinhauser, Sebastian Stern, Jette Hoop, C.J. Chandler, Avi Bolotinsky, Luisa Telles, Sanja Zdrnja, Ya Ning, Ann-Sophie Krüger
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