KubaParis, Editorial
Superfacesurface: Malerei in Berlin #11 Agnes Scherer

The photos give impressions of the exhibition that followed my performance piece “The Teacher”. This performance is centered around a teacher puppet which is operated under great strain by a reclining disciple. Thus, the teacher enters a didactic fury, a kind of hectic dance which appears at times monstrous, at times almost seductive. His lessons are illustrated by large paintings which all fall down after 40 seconds to reveal a new one. What the teacher says sounds impressive and true, but contradictory. The performance is like a bilateral exorcism. 

The Teacher with music by Tobias Textor and performances by Soya Arakawa and Claudia Barth is a didactic operetta curated by Christopher Kline and Sol Calero. It was presented at Kinderhook & Caracas, Berlin, in April and May 2019. The photos were taken at the exhibition space and Leydicke, the bar next door.


Eine fortlaufende Reihe, ausgewählt von Neven Allgeier und Saskia Höfler-Hohengarten
Fotografie Neven Allgeier