KubaParis, Editorial
Superfacesurface: Malerei in Berlin #5 Leon Eisermann

SCENE 1 (The only scene)

GG Allin walks on stage. Seemingly drunk, mumbling to himself, spitting on the floor.
He stops mid-stage and stands,drunkenly moving his upper body from left to right. A projection screen is lowered down from above him and a video starts playing:

GG Allin​: Do you understand what this video is about? because I don’t… It sounds good and makes you real nice and sad, but do you really get it––like are you really getting it?
I like the ending, the poem about his wife, and the sounds under the credits. Makes you think. It’s all so very sad, it’s nice but really sad too. You see, I’m the T.Rex of the future! They will find my white, liveless stubby bones and laugh. They will laugh because they realize just how primitive and pathetic I was were.

They might not even look at my skeleton closely, maybe they will just notice it while they dig for resources. They will just pick up my collarbone and toss it aside like a branch. History lays in its shallow grave. Another video plays:


Allin​: Did you notice at minute 2:16 the reflection of the guy filming the video?
You see it for a split second, an image of him filming, reflecting from the TV screen he’s filming at. Well​, this guy​, this guy is a friend of mine and he knows all the jokes. Wanna hear some?

GG Allin gestures for a response from the crowd, the crowd is not interested. GG Allin does not seem to care and starts to pace the stage and tell jokes.

GG Allin​: Was bekommt man, wenn man einen Ossi mit einem Wessi kreuzt? Einen arroganten Arbeitslosen!

The audience chuckles

GG Allin​: Ein Ossi bewirbt sich bei “Wetten, dass.” mit der Wette, einen Wessi mit einem Kaffeelöffel innerhalb von 5 Minuten erschlagen zu können. “Und was machen Sie, wenn Sie es nicht schaffen?” fragt Thomas Gottschalk. “Dann nehme ich einen Spaten…..”

GG Allin’s German is bad. He stops pacing and collapses onto the floor. His body contorts in seizures and he foams from the mouth. It’s a great performance. The audience gives him a standing ovation and toss euros onto the stage. Another video plays on the screen above:

Fotografie Neven Allgeier