KubaParis, Editorial
Superfacesurface: Malerei in Berlin #7 Sophie Reinhold

Recently, I had asked Sophie about the increasing number of shaped canvases in her practice. “They are not shaped canvases” she replied, suggesting an error within my perception.

Shortly after, we went to a Spa Hotel on the island of Rügen to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The entrance of the 1818 built former bath house consists of a monumental colonnade made to impress the visitor from far.

We got really wasted that night. Later we went outside to smoke a cigarette and Sophie took the opportunity to take a piss against the column at that very entrance. The round shape of her ass contrasted strongly with the pale white, massive column.
The piss was dripping down and the very next moment it just wasn’t the same building anymore.

What was out of proportion was now taken into perspective.

The round shape of her ass, the straight white column it struck me: In this overly bent world it is us that need to contrast it with the true shape of our existence to clarify what is actually out of shape.

Hannes Schmidt

Eine fortlaufende Reihe, ausgewählt von Neven Allgeier und Saskia Höfler-Hohengarten
Fotografie Neven Allgeier