Tasty Breakfast curated by Ludovic Beillard & Martin Lukáč


Angélique Aubrit, Anastasia Bay, Ludovic Beillard, Bastien Cosson , Amaury Daurel, Cyril Debon, Tatiana Defraine, Hugo Dinër, Jean-Gwenole Fleuriot, Régis Jocteur Monrozier, Tom Król, Martin Lukáč, Sarah Margnetti, Stephanie Quirola, Charlotte Vander Borght, Tom Volkaert

Pictures by Ludovic Beillard

M : So I’m going to take a pizza man. The breakfast wasn’t enough!
L : Lets try with more eggs I’m hungry they look shiny man
M : Super hungry today
L : Didn’t you eat a huge amount of fruits like usually do after the scrambled eggs ? How can you say that this breakfast is not enough, it’s THE Biggest no ?
M : Well I don’t know! I got use to it I need more like a Godzilla. ´Cause I am one, Lol
L : You will puke it out come on. Respect the chef, please! He was preparing all in the early morning cookin’ specially for you Mr. Godzilla. Try waffle, try sausages, try eggs sausages, and pomme de terre. POTATOES. You hangover right ?
M : Honestly yes. I never had the waffle here . Gonna try it tomorrow. You?
L : Those waffle remind me huge brunch in Montreal, cholesterol brunch! But here we have it for free! Free cholesterol for everybody! I like waffle, i think i need more juice with it. It’s like you can have never enough of juice.
M : I agree man
L : so you are between eggs fruits and pizza … doesn’t make sense … Man can you draw me big pizza for the show ? please huge ones it would be AMAZING!!And we will show your pizza to the chef. INSPIRATION. M : Lol
L : for the future of breakfast. TASTY BREAKFAST!
M : Dunno
L : Dummy
M : I’m over this topic in art
M : Only if you do a big sculpture!
L : I’m doing a big one, a huge basket of fruits.
M : cool !
L : Bonjour Chef, huge pizza, Ninja Turtles, lot of fruits and many guests.
M: Fuck me pal

@ Penthouse Art Residency (NH Brussels Bloom)