Textus Ex Machina

Andreas Fogarasi, Alix Marie, Anna Perach, Birke Gorm, Dardan Zhegrova, Emese Benczur, Erin M Riley, Josep Maynou, Julie Béna, Klaas Rommelaere, László feLugossy, Miklós Erdély, Ola Korbańska, Robotto-Ottó Szabó, Tenant Of Culture

Pictures by Dávid Biró

Questionnaire instead of a long curatorial statement
Q1: Have you ever been to a burning apartment? (to Dardan)
Q2: Do you believe that death can dance? (to Birke)
Q3: Is this a drawing of a tablecloth? (to Miklós)
Q4: Why was Burka better before? (to Robotto)
Q5: Can you change the art history with paper weaving? (to Andreas)
Q6: What is the difference between pure and clean? (to Ola)
Q7: Charity shop display or a Galliano show? (to Hendrickje)
Q8: How often should I stretch? (to Alix)
Q9: Is going commando good? (to László)
Q10: Heaven or Hell? (to Erin)
Q11: Is it possible to stay young forever? (to Klaas)
Q12: Which came first, the bird or the shoe? (to Julie)
Q13: Would you be a drunken bride? (to Anna)
Q14: How many words would be enough to tell everything? (to Josep)
Q15: Shall we eat the fruit of our labor today? (to Emese)

Peter Bencze