The Chasm @ organized by Yves-Michele Saß

Aline Bouvy, Viktor Timofeev, Stefan Fuchs, Ivan Pérard, Aniara Omann, Jannis Marwitz, Minda Andrén, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Lu Yang, Laurence Sturla, Yein Lee, Arik Brauer

The Chasm takes imagination as a general context in which to examine artistic practices that are interested in pre-modern myths and/or futuristic utopia. Instead of focussing on their temporal difference the exhibition suggests them as two kinds of knowledge, unequal in their theoretical and practical results, but not in the kind of mental processes which are the precondition of both.

Therefore the works fantasize about humanity, bodies, mysticism, brutality, architecture, visuality, sexuality, aggression, myths, apocalypse and the post-human in the forms of drawings, sculpture, paintings, installation and video:

Silicone based creatures for a post-human earth crawling across the floors and our dreaming ancestor (Aniara Omann); a wooden idol with a thai chi gesture (Elisabeth von Samsonow); a hero in outer space shooting ovaries and menstrual blood (Lu Yang); a Penck painting re-imagined on a collection of breasts & walls morphed into flesh (Aline Bouvy); cybernetically enhanced crustacean snacks impaled on metal spears (Ivan Pérard); meditations on renaissance paintings turned into emerald and ruby dreams (Jannis Marwitz); transmuted earthly burial mounds of an ancestral future (Laurence Sturla); fierce warriors timetravelling through collaboration (Minda Andrén); a mysterious halo (Arik Brauer); an amourphous object hanging from the ceiling haunting the binary mind (Yein Lee); glimpes into an alternate universe oscillating between order and chaos (Viktor Timofeev) and an architectual model for a psychedelic german farm house (Stefan Fuchs).

The exhibition is organized by Yves-Michele Saß and made possible with the kind support of Franz Josefs Kai 3, Zeller van Almsick, KOENIG2, Lucas Hirsch and Segurio Insurance.