The Forest of the Doppelgängers, Marta Trektere @ Catbox Contemporary

Letter to ghosts

You caught our curiosity with your winy twigs
With ferns, firs and fire
With heat and homemade sandwiches we wanted to feed to witches
We couldn’t sleep thinking about you
We felt your breezes, biting our fingers and piercing our hair
We heard you howling through foggy bungalows, their broken windows
As we approached a small puddle we could clearly see the three gnomes
Gnomes who listened to breakbeat and ate too much cheese
Half wistful, half jolly, two thirds gullible and one third puzzled
We gave you our tiny hands and danced up the hill to see better
There it was – ghost factory
We gasped
We ran back to shelter
And then we became giants and forgot all about it

Kaspars Groševs