The Rolling Eyes by Tanja Nis-Hansen

DE HIMLENDE ØJNE (transl. The Rolling Eyes)
A solo show in the exhibition space Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen, Denmark
by Tanja Nis-Hansen

The exhibition is running from the 16th of August to the 15th of September 2019.
Opening hours Thursdays-Sundays from 1PM to 5PM

DE HIMLENDE ØJNE (Transl. The Rolling Eyes) is a painting exhibition accompanied by the performance program K FOR KATHARSIS (Transl. C for catharsis) which took place on 18th of August 2019

The oil paintings in the exhibition are all new works created within a mixture of summer tristesse, exhaustion and a delirium of the 30 degree summernights of Berlin. Tanja Nis-Hansen works with painting and performance, and the work in this show derives from her pondering upon the past year, being the first year as a newly graduated artist, the first year after losing her father, and also working through a summer that never turned into holiday. She has been investigating hierarchies of taste and has had a closer look at old friends like Arcimboldo and Frida Kahlo, and the three oil paintings in the exhibition each represent a little trip that the artist has been on within the past year.

Tanja Nis-Hansen (b. 1988 in Faxe, DK) is a young Danish artist who has studied at the art academies in Vienna(AT) and Hamburg(DE), and who is now living and working in Berlin. After 8 years living abroad this is her first solo show in Denmark.

In connection with the exhibition, Tanja Nis-Hansen invited 14 artist colleagues to each make a poster for the poster stands in the entrance hall of the train station where the exhibitions space is positioned at. The 14 artists are: Laura Ziegler (DE), Anna Walther (DK), Astrid Kajsa Nylander (SE), Martine Heuser (DK), Duda Bebek (SE), Shira Lewis (IL) Elisa Barrera (IT), Line K Meyer (DK), Emelie Carlén (SE), Cecilie Nørgaard (DK), Morten Knudsen (DK), Philip Hinge (US) Anna Rettl/Bertram Von Undall (AT/DK), Birke Gorm (DK)

The performance Programme, K for KATHARSIS that took place in relation to the exhibition had contributions of texts and performances by the following artists: Anders Christian Eriksen (DK), Anna Rettl/Bertram Von Undall (AT/DK), Cecilie Nørgaard (DK), Effe Cirillo (IT), Lauryn Youden (CA), Marvin Moises Almaraz Dosal (CA), Niclas Riepshoff (DE), Sarah Rosengarten (DE), Tanja Nis-Hansen (DK)

The exhibition is funded by The Danish Art Council