The water-bottle bottom

about “my shapes, your words, their grey” of Philipp Gehmacher by Emiliano Aversa

A study about the space is what “my shapes, your words, their grey” seems to be.
A space full of meaning, in which shape, word, writing and color move.
What if “objects” often confined into places of different representations were taken to one place and could start a communication?
The results is none other than what takes place every day, the game of reality: the manifestation of shape, word and colour.
But when on stage different elements close to each other interact, the question becomes more complicated.
To inspect the water, it’s essential going down to the water, the same thing goes when talking about the bottle, but what about inspecting the water-bottle bottom?
The work of Philipp Gehmacher turn around a very relaxed connection, the grey is bearer of things and in this way makes itself thing.
The movement understood as a process that leads to an end results sublimated when mixed with pure movement. There is no more difference between the form, the color and the word, the result is a framework in which all the elements are still interacting.
And what about the language?
The word makes itself language as it questions and weaves each element present on the stage, the language is written on the form.
Word, shape and color don’t stop being themselves while speaking through dance, the positioning act of a form in the scene wants to be dance.
I think that this grey, at the same time emotional and indifferent, so that it is not neither one, explains perfectly this concept.
Actually what comes out is nothing more than a fact, a game with the language and form, a movement that installs and becomes dance, a concept which seems to be very close with the Wittgensteinian “state of affairs”. Shape, word and gray are not things but states of things. The performance is a succession of states of affairs, of placements that reinvent themselves.
Can a question which is an addition of questions be solved so quickly? No, but the becoming aspect of the performance, uninterrupted transition from a state of affairs to another, where every state of affairs is fulfilled while preparing the next state of affair, gives way to a sense of continuity and opening that could be the answer itself.


my shapes, your words, their grey

Concept and performance: Philipp Gehmacher
Space: Stephanie Rauch
Music: Gérald Kurdian
Light: Victor Duran
Production: Stephanie Leonhardt






Open Spaces 2015#3

Open Spaces 2015#3


All images: © Eva Würdinger

Further performance:
Museum der Moderne
Salzburg, June 27-28, 2016