THIRST about (B)REACHING STILLNESS of Lea Moro by Emiliano Aversa



Etymologically thirst derived from burn.

The dancers wheeze and drink, they burn from thirst. Drinking to staying.

The search of stillness consists in finding the amount (qualitative amount) of mobility in the still.

What’s more still than a wheeze stillness and what’s more mobile?





again movement


Stillness is not in the still but it’s in the middle between still and movement.

Compressed movement.

There is more dance in those baroque poses than in the movement itself.

The possibility of movement is more exciting than the movement itself and this possibility start from the exposure of the bodies and from what they need to stand still, the water.

Maybe the quiet water is what more than anything else could represent this playful exposure of bodies.

The body is thirsty.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-19 um 16.39.54
© Dieter Hartwig


Concept, dance, choreography: Lea Moro
Co-choreography, dance: Enrico Ticconi, Jorge De Hoyos
Dramaturgy: Maja Zimmermann
Sound: Marcus Thomas
Light: Annegret Schalke
Scenography: Katrin Fürst
Costume: Lydia Sonderegger
Choreographic assistance: Julia Turbahn
Dramaturgic advice: Linda Sepp
Graphic: Zelika Pravdic
Executive production, management: Marie Schmieder

Lea Moro , Enrico Ticconi & Jorge De Hoyos (v.l.n.r.)
© Dieter Hartwig

“(b)reaching stillness” is produced by Lea Moro in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. With the kind support of the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs, Nationales Performance Netzwerk (NPN) Coproduction Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag. As well supported by the the city of Zurich, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Georges & Jenny Bloch Foundation, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation and Pact Zollverein Essen. Special thanks to Tanzfabrik Berlin, Wiesenburg e.V. Berlin, ada Studio Berlin, Gemäldegalerie Berlin, Kunsthaus Zürich, Dampfzentrale Bern, Tanzhaus Zürich.

Next dates:

26. / 27.02.2016 Dampfzentrale Bern (Switzerland)
5. / 6.03.2016 Tanzplattform Deutschland / Dance Platt Form Germany, at Frankfurt LAB
Autumn 2016 Tanzhaus Zürich, Sophiensaele Berlin

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-19 um 16.40.09
© Maja Zimmermann
Jorge De Hoyos , Lea Moro (u) & Enrico Ticconi (o)
© Dieter Hartwig
Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-19 um 16.40.28
© Dieter Hartwig
Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-19 um 16.40.39
© Dieter Hartwig
Enrico Ticconi , Jorge De Hoyos & Lea Moro (v.v.n.h.)
© Dieter Hartwig
Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-19 um 16.40.54
© Dieter Hartwig
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© Dieter Hartwig