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I would say that Tom‘s works serve as subtle interfaces between the conventional, common genres of painting, questioning these as part of his interdisciplinary artistic discourse. His paintings combine elements of illustrative tradition with different image media, occasionally arranging these to overlap. In this, my friend Tom likes to draw attention to the formal framework of artistic production, which is why he uses materials imbued with a shimmering, display-like quality. Many of his canvases feature broad swathes of colour, are entirely monochrome or come with only a varnished base, evincing deliberately left signs of use that underscore their innate materiality. What’s more, his paintings often contain logos, symbols or writings that are not always easy to decipher for the observer.
Now, he sets off to drive many of his paintings to Berlin. Today, we get to see a cross section of an oeuvre that is still very early. A few days ago, here in Berlin, Tom celebrated his birthday. Congratulations.


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