Vanja Smiljanić – In the heart of time dwells frost

“In the heart of time dwells frost” is a landing of the Vanja Smiljanić long-term research about a UFO spiritual movement called the Unarius Academy of Science.

The Unarius Academy of Science was founded by Ruth and Ernest Norman in 1954 in El Cajon, California. It belongs to a long tradition of metaphysical groups, that have clairvoyant founders, believe in principles of reincarnation and interacts with other worldly beings (angels, robots, inter dimensional scientists, leaders of higher dimensional planets, etc.). However, what distinguishes Unarius from other UFO movements is their particular practice of Past Life Therapy through which they are redefining the space-time-matter continuum.

The channel is open to those who are willing to undergo the practice of Past Life Therapy, or witness it, during a two-day appearance on May 18th – 19th 2019. Liquid and live components are building up a stage-environment where one can perceive this choreography of becoming, where the concept of oneself is constantly being reinvented and fleetingly undergoes the cyclical-time swirl.

Vanja Smiljanić has been exploring the complex configuration of identity, nationalism and body politics, by engaging with different religious movements over the last 8 years. By focusing on marginalized communities that operate on the fringes of “socially acceptable norms”, she is commonly performing a collective re-visiting of their particular practices, with a goal to re-apply them as empowering tools within the current socio-political context. With this act she is placing in practice alternative methods for critical thinking that, instead of judgmentally stigmatizing, are allowing for new viewpoints, consciousness, hopes and actions to emerge.