Viviana Druga – Confessionale

Viviana Druga
in collaboration with Tiberiu Bleoanca
Galerie im Turm | Berlin
curated by Lena Johanna Reisner and Sylvia Sadzinski

In CONFESSIONALE, Viviana Druga investigates religious and spiritual rituals, forms of confession and purification, and the sacred in general. Inspired by the imagery of the Romanian Orthodox churches, iconostases and large-format installations carry out a specific connection to a performative aesthetic. Galerie im Turm is transformed into an imaginary chapel. An open confessional stool serves as the central sculptural work, through which conventional understandings of guilt and atonement are negotiated. Visitors are invited to make – or listen to – a confession.

What do rituals mean in contemporary environments? What status is the sacred afforded? What potential does the act of confessing hold for overcoming personal and collective traumas? How might ‘the confession’ – when severed from a patriarchal power hierarchy – be reinterpreted and appropriated?

CONFESSIONALE draws on playful forms of communication, addressing experiences of guilt, shame, trauma, and healing. Using performative and iconographic strategies, Galerie im Turm becomes a temple of transformation and a site for reflection, but also for the shared reinterpretation of religious forms.

Lena Johanna Reisner and Sylvia Sadzinski