Wiley Guillot, Kaito Itsuki, Bryce Kroll, Daffy Scanlan, Stefan Schwartzman, Blair Whiteford – Complete Metamorphosis

Complete Metamorphosis

“Since the beginning of time, there had been the people who simply did not like reality, who wanted another world, and if given half a chance would live there forever. Some of the best warlocks might be of this type. Such people content to live in an urbapt, to spend all their money on processing and life-support equipment, to spend days at a time in the Other Plane… They grew more and more adept, more and more knowledgeable–while their bodies slowly wasted. Could imagine such a person becoming an evil thing. It would be like a spider sitting in its web, its victims all humanity.” –Vernor Vinge, True Names

Whatever is going on in the world, there is another place to be. Another world rendered as pure possibility. A home for the mind and heart. Body disappears. Memory and imagination are absorbed. Spirit migrates from the body to a world of total representation.

Complete Metamorphosis brings together the work of 6 artists–Wiley Guillot, Kaito Itsuki, Bryce Kroll, Daffy Scanlan, Stefan Schwartzman and Blair Whiteford–whose work in sculpture, painting and drawing reflect expressions of restlessness and anxiety in an age of progressive denaturation and transpire a desire to exist beyond the drag of the meat and the flesh.

Francisco Correa Cordero