Yves Scherer “Boys” @ Gallery Guido W. Baudach, Berlin

Galerie Guido W. Baudach is pleased to present Boys, the third exhibition of Swiss artist Yves Scherer with the gallery.

Centered around a series of new paintings and a sculpture inspired by footage from a childhood video the show deepens the artist‘s ongoing interest in the male figure, its representation and related ideas of masculinity. Subsequent to Vincent, 2018, a rose colo- red life-size 3D portrait of the actor Vincent Cassel in beach-wear, on view in our previous group show Manifestations, Scherer in Boys takes a very personal approach to a subject that for him is all the more relevant in times when gender concepts are being re-framed.

A walkthrough starts with a group of large scale portrait paintings showing the slightly blurred face of a little boy. The imagery is ta- ken from the named childhood video presenting the artist himself as a four year old while playing. This taped memory also is the mo- del for another self-portrait in the second part of the gallery space, a hyperrealistic plaster sculpture of a marveling boy. It is surrounded by a group of large scale abstract paintings executed on stretched duvet covers in rose color in which Scherer continues his investigati- on on picturing the traces of intimate interpersonal relationships. Beside this, there are some small paintings behind glass spread over the entire exhibition. They appear as painterly alienations of the footage from the private video and in a way connect the divergent lar- ge scale works, making the portrayed boy look transformed significantly and like he matured to the multiple personality of an adult.
The exhibition is accompanied by an essay by Daniel Lalor titled Boys & The Semblance of Boyhood.

Yves Scherer, born 1987 in Solothurn, Switzerland, lives and works in New York.

The show is running 19 January – 2 March 2019