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This week: Luxembourg - a small country growing big in the art world.
Luxembourg might not have been a well known player in the art world during the last decades. But change is not only coming, it’s there. Luxembourgs art institutions are skillfully steered by visionary people pushing the boundaries of a country that was historically driven by the steel industry before banks entered the parquet. Today, the Grand Duchy knows quite well how to catch the eye of an international audience allowing Luxembourg to step out of the long shadows of its geographical neighbors right into the spotlight of the European art scene. This week we will introduce you to three vigorous characters who answered some questions for us about their plans and visions for the institutions they work for, starting today with Alex Reding, Co-founder of Nosbaum Reding gallery and main instigator of the Luxembourg Art Week.

CH Alex, visiting the Luxembourg Art Week we could clearly witness your passion for that project. What will be your focus for the Art Week in the future?

AR Luxembourg Art Week has always focused on conviviality, proximity and encounters, but also cultural synergies and collaborations with the ecosystem, especially Luxembourg institutions. Quality is also paramount in terms of services, hospitality and well-being of our exhibitors for local guests who can attend warm and friendly events and international guests who can participate in the VIP program and exclusive events in partner institutions. We also pay special attention to the content conveyed by special projects in parallel to the fair, such as in-depth conferences or, this year, the NFT Front Office by Parallel.

CH What is especially important for you personally - what drives you?

AR I’m driven first and foremost by an unwavering passion for art, followed by a desire to transfer knowledge to others and a willingness to convince others that values of creativity, openness and sharing are keys to living together in a modern society. I am also grateful for having grown up in a context as privileged as the one that Luxembourg has to offer. I give all my energy so that art and culture have a substantial importance in the country and that Luxembourg radiates beyond its borders.

CH What are maybe certain obstacles to overcome?

AR I do not see any obstacle to the development as outlined above. The only drawback that may exist regarding the desired international expansion is the context of Western Europe, the numerous fairs and competitive events organized, which make our project the reflection of the size of the country.

CH What would be your future best case scenario for the Art Week in a range of 3-5 years?

AR In 3 to 5 years, I would like the most interesting artistic proposals congregate at the fair, and the public knows how to appreciate them and confirm our choices by purchases.

CH Why is the Artweek so important for Luxembourg and how does this event effect artist in the region?

AR Luxembourg Art Week has become the biggest inclusive cultural event of the country where all market players, Institutions and state agencies, including Kultur lx or the nation branding, join forces and stimulate such energy that the entire country and border art scene is present for the occasion.

For further information on the Luxembourg Art Week, special projects and the supporting program, please visit the official website on https://luxembourgartweek.lu/e...