Samuel Fasse

But the Flesh is Weak, chapter one

Project Info

  • 💙 Le 109 / La Station
  • 💚 Marie Maertens & Cedric Teisseire, co_curator Jade Barget
  • 🖤 Samuel Fasse
  • 💜 Jade Barget/Samuel Fasse
  • 💛 Jean Christophe Lett

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Power Flower group show, Nice Biennial
First chapter of the traveling performative project But the Flesh is weak complicates depictions of bodies. How do machines perceive and capture us/them? How do vision's technologies transform our physicality? Through the vegetal and the detour of paradoxical systems, this visual matter, this speculative hyper-territory, sculptural and sonic becomes a moving, hybrid and self-sufficient entity. In partnership with Ensam - Aix en Provence, Cybertronica - bio engeneering lab Co-produced by Le Confort Moderne contemporary art center With support from Loud Professional, Asics sports style Acknowledgements: Milari Barker, Ceval Omar, Luca Fixy, World+, Radical PR, Socle Collections
Jade Barget/Samuel Fasse