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Young and in Trouble

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  • 💙 MARS Frankfurt
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  • 🖤 (group show)
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  • 💛 Robert Schittko

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Young and in Trouble is a group exhibition hosted at MARS Frankfurt, a newly founded art space and association run by Anna Nero, Robert Schittko and Marcel Walldorf. The show includes works by Ronia Adl-Tabatabai, Josephine Adu, Luis Bruder, Young-Eun Chang, Fabian Hiller, Laura Jochheim, Selina Hammer, Aaron Nora Kappenberger, Ji Yoon Kim, Swan Lee, Sophie Meurer, Silas Müller, Joël Müller, Minh Phuong Nguyen,Wiebke Spieß, Huyen Tran Tran Thi, Isabella Kreissle Edle von Hellborn. All artists are recent graduates or still studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Mainz. Many of them were part of Anna Nero’s class during her stay at the Academy as a guest lecturer 2019-2020 and during her takeover of Anne Berning's class as a guest professor in 2022.