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  • 💙 Lovaas Projects
  • 💚 Leontine Köhn & Lilian Robl
  • 🖤 Groupshow
  • 💜 Leontine Köhn & Lilian Robl
  • 💛 Ulrich Gebert

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The term 'bluff' is used internationally and runs through different areas of life – be it political bluffing, bluffing in games, in social media, or quite directly in contemporary art production and marketing. Copying, forgery, and lies have intersections with bluffing, but we explicitly address the latter, since bluffing integrates a moment that is relevant to art, namely that of play: 'Art is a Serious Game' – it is not least the pleasure in staging and playfulness that makes us cling to art despite the precarious working conditions of the cultural scene. For the group exhibition Bluff at Lovaas Projects Munich, we have selected artistic positions from various disciplines – including theory, literature, visual arts, and film – that deal with bluffing narratively, approach it formally as well as conceptually, or focus on the socio-political aspect.
Leontine Köhn & Lilian Robl