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  • 💚 Louise des Places et Quentin Fromont
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  • 💜 Quentin Fromont and Louise des Places
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In an unknown future, the remains of an artist’s studio are discovered perfectly preserved in time. It is a forgotten place. Memory inhabits its walls, its objects. Everything seems to vibrate. When you close your eyes, you can hear the hollow rumor of a distant past. ***. * .. ** . What will be left of us in a few decades... or even millennia ? Through the prism of a visitor from the future, Vestiges explores the fictional archaeology of the objects and movements that surround our lives and our artistic practices. In this space, 3D models meld with the handicraft of a warrior’s helmet and stained glass windows, plant installations are made of beads and latex, and traditional painting is clad in pop colors. What is this strange era where themes, mediums, and symbols intermingle ? Vestiges is an invitation to step out of our temporal reality and dive into introspection. Through this fictional space, each artist opens the door to their intimacy. Together, they present extracts from personal and collective mythologies, questioning our relationship to art today, the beauty and symbolic significance that can be found in our daily lives, and the mores that mark our society. **.*.. * To (re)discover this studio is also to rediscover ourselves as actors of the art world.
Quentin Fromont and Louise des Places