Masha Silchenko

Nothing Ever Happened

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The work of Masha Silchenko revolves around introspection, dreamlike apparitions, and chimerical connections. Her drawings and paintings explore the night as a sanctuary for magical beings. Ghosts become companions in the darkness. Fragile ceramic sculptures have eyes and wings. Time and again, freestanding houses with sparsely lit windows emerge, surrounded by shadowy foliage. Silchenko's focus on the visible and invisible and her extensive study of light and shadow is evident not only in her motifs, but also in the materials and installation of her works. Poetic texts, thoughts, and stories are written on canvas fabrics with bleach, over which glazed layers of paint are applied. In the interplay of various craft techniques such as ceramics, illustration and tapestry, Silchenko develops her own world of fantastic figures. Together with Björn Eichhorn, the artist produces a sound piece based on field recordings which can be accessed digitally by visitors and listened to on the go.
Marie Kuhn