Agostino Bergamaschi

Atto Primo

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  • 💙 Rehearsal Project
  • 💚 Rehearsal Project
  • 🖤 Agostino Bergamaschi
  • 💜 Luca Maffeo @luca.maffeo
  • 💛 t-space and Rehearsal Project

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The word Act comes from the Latin àctus, past participle of àgere, and means 'what has been done'. As the etymology says, Act is synonymous with action, but it is the simplest, quickest and least thought-out synonym of this word. It is above all First Act (Atto Primo), which precedes everything else, from where the thing itself comes into being. Using traditional materials such as bronze and marble, and working on the installation as a sculptural element, Agostino Bergamaschi creates the scene in which the work performs its action. «Like the air that is all concentrated», wrote the artist, the work «runs in the same direction: every current, every draft... is channelled into this new and disturbing action». It goes on for a long time, the time of the work and of the artist's work. Two aspects of the same act, in which is inherent the idea of touching, binding and connecting (Àptus). With a series of sculptures and photographs created in collaboration with t-space (Rui Wu and Giulia Spreafico) and with the participation of Caterina Paganini, the artist showcases the very act of making art. Its initiation, its beginning, as the creative act of what is nascent and generative. The floor, now remodelled, unites the two rooms of the space and generates unity between the parts. Between the exhibition of the work as such and the theatre in which it was conceived and created.
Luca Maffeo @luca.maffeo