Meadow's Sisters

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MEADOW’S SISTERS Aëla Maï Cabel & Victor Bulle, Isabel Cavenecia, Deborah Cagno, Elena Francalanci, Giselle Gorostiaga, Manon Harrois, Laura Largillier, Katya Quel, Sidonie Rauturier, Lara Rhodeo, Masha Silchenko, Erifyli Theofilou Performances by Laura Largillier and Elena Francalanci Curated by Katya Quel To work magic is to weave the unseen forces into form; to soar beyond sight; to explore the uncharted dream realm of the hidden reality. Starhawk, Spiral Dance The exhibition is dedicated to the study of the power of natural materials in women’s hands, as well as to the creation of a spiritual space reminiscent of the life of a pagan community, celebrating the soft and gentle principle of the earth and nature, practicing subsistence craftsmanships with elements of tender witchcraft as a an eco-utopia in a possible future based on modern technologies. With the help of wax, clay, kombucha, wood, wool, latex, herbs, mushrooms, caramel, stones and more, the threads of ancient wisdom and modern issues are intertwined. The artists are united by the spirit of deep empathy for the problems of the environment, the association of women and the earth, objectified by self-serving patriarchs. Through the artworks, viewers are invited to connect with their own feminine energy, to remember the pagan past in order to learn from it. We are called Witches, Witches, (a word that means) to bend or shape. Witches were shamans—benders and shapers of reality. Today’s witches are faced with the task of reshaping western culture. Starhawk
Katya Quel