Eric Giraudet de Boudemange

4 Rivières

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A solo show of Eric Giraudet de Boudemange
Wellness 4 rivières Natural magnetized water “This year 4 Rivières has selected La Villa du Parc as the place to offer an experience ‘in the flow’ imagined by the artist Eric Giraudet de Boudemange. The 4 rivières exhibition plays with a synergy between contemporary art and the wellness industry. The brand, known for its campaigns touting the revitalizing virtues of water that has been magnetized by the largest therapists of the Alps, has given free reign to the artist to develop a journey of the senses in the cycle of water. He has made a daring choice to follow the beneficial element but against its natural flow, going back from the bubbling spring to its origins in the atmosphere. In this way he builds an immersive experience, which takes the playful and attractive aspects of the forms that have driven the marketing success of 4 rivières and fuses them to a profound symbolic dimension of water as an elementary material that is primordial. The unseen but associated ethical and economic aspects are also given their due, proof that the brand welcomes self-reflection and the dynamics of criticism. Visitors to the show will discover installations, wall paintings, sculptures, and videos composing a total environment that merges water, landscape, and the body. Pretested by a sample of consumers, the concept has drawn mixed reactions that are often intense and never indifferent. This journey, a close-up focus on the watery element, offers visitors the chance to feel physical metamorphoses they have never even suspected exist, fostered by fluids and interactions that are sometimes repulsive, and reinforced by the environmental challenges of our day and age, which the water of 4 rivières works to conjure up and heal. Now it’s each and every visitor’s chance to experience and decide for themselves, starting 7 October.” From our correspondent Vanie Nothon, for Source of Wellness
Garance Chabert