Alejandro Granero and Luis de la Fuente

Sobre la línea de la cabeza

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  • 💙 Saceca
  • 💚 Raúl Lorenzo and Carlos Peris
  • 🖤 Alejandro Granero and Luis de la Fuente
  • 💜 Raúl Lorenzo
  • 💛 Carlos Peris

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I lift the chart for October 6, 2023, at 18:34 in Sagunto, Valencia. The horizon line (ascendant Pisces, descendant Virgo) will separate the sky from the earth. At this moment, the celestials (Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus) inhabit the earth, while the sky is ruled by the terrestrials (Mars, Saturn) and the subterraneans (Pluto). Thus arises the need for an interlocutor (Sun in Libra in the 7th house) capable of initiating this intricate dialogue. (Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus in the 2nd house) Ideas take shape and land, infecting the ether with presence. Although the intention of this exercise is to dissolve all form (Neptune in Pisces in the 1st house), its vocation (Midheaven in Sagittarius) is to find a way to give it meaning and be fixed in it. Thus, materialization becomes an educational act that will be undone and reconfigured, constantly traversing the transformation from idea to form and from the dematerialization of form to evocation. The overseer of this process (Pluto) must crisis the action (Mars square) and the reception (Venus quincunx), demonstrating that, although they seem volitional, they are not so much. Virtue will be found in this triangle (Uranus trine, Neptune sextile) with what is beyond control because it is necessary to get lost to experience true transformation. The mediator (Sun Mercury in Libra opposition Neptune) will be frustrated by everything he tries to express, as words evaporate before reaching their destination. His language must learn to deal with images and reveries, abandoning the notion that concept and discourse are fully possible. He surrenders, revealing the image of lightning. Lightning is a vertical bridge. (Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus in the 2nd house) It seeks, in its way, points of low resistance, shortcuts between the sky and the earth that are suddenly revealed. The mediator (Sun) illuminates a path that shows for an instant that moment of inexplicable sympathy between these two planes. The sky accumulates tension for hours, doing so progressively and discreetly, until the tension exceeds the threshold and discharges its hierarchy (lightning always travels in the same direction). Those who have not experienced a storm could never have imagined lightning or that tensions between the sky and the earth could be resolved in this way. (Uranus) shows two times: a long and slow process that ends up becoming unbearable and is implicit in its resolution, which is instantaneous, surprising, and sometimes destructive. It participates in a rhythm that intertwines the process with the moment, history with the event, and discourse with the image. (Uranus trine Pluto) The lightning strikes the underworld.
Raúl Lorenzo