An inside out attempt to inhale and exhale

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An inside out attempt to inhale and exhale”, a group show inspired by the magical message-carrying abilities of tobacco. “Long ago there was a wise and peace- loving elder who travelled from tribe to tribe encouraging cooperation and friendship between all nations. He was a spokesman for the cause of good will and his mission was to promote unity among all beings. At a very great age the elder called a council meeting of elders and representatives from the many clans, tribes, and nations which he had visited and taught. He told them that his work was coming to an end and he must soon join the spirit world. However, he promised to return in a new form as a reminder of the peaceful brotherhood he had sought to establish among the nations. A short time after his death a new plant sprouted from his grave. This was tobacco and has been used in ceremonies ever since as a symbol of unity, honesty and peace. The rising smoke from the pipe is a reminder that the thoughts and prayers of people go upward to the Creator.”
Little Turtle, Nipmuck Tribe, Dudley Band