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Hope this email finds you well

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"Hope This Email Finds You Well" is a classic line to start official emails. It’s an introduction that announces of a new bill for a streaming service subscription, or perhaps a rare message unrelated to life’s administrative side. Agnese Čemme continues the theme of mail space in this exhibition, referring to her recent exhibition “Mailroom” at Necessaire Space in Vienna in August 2023. Real letters are rare already, but sometimes a good email appears, shedding light on a real page. Sometimes awaited letters disappear along the way, the package arrives damaged, and then the content takes on a completely different form. A seven-year-old letter, reread in the voice of today, can also take on a different form. In the MABOCA gallery exhibition, Agnese creates 10 mailboxes for 10 invited artists. The starting point for this art project is an email to which the selected artists can respond with a real or electronic message to Visuma Centrs 2, thus creating an exhibition where drawing, text, sculpture and unpredictability interact. Since the exhibition opens in mid-February, the theme is Valentine’s Day mail. It can include everything related to it. A love letter to another artist or to oneself. A snippet from a memory notebook, a heart-shaped box of chocolates (painting), etc., anything you’ve always wanted to give someone else but thought it was too cringe.
Agnese Čemme @agnese_cemme