Hanna Antonsson, Taiki Yokote

until soil unites

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  • 🖤 Hanna Antonsson, Taiki Yokote
  • 💜 Hisatomo Kato

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The process whereby something that has taken form and actualized returns once again to an indeterminate state, only to materialize anew, suggests the coexistence of "real-time equals time and another time." The "real" in this context refers to a subjective time, in the sense of something that is "alive," standing distinct and concurrent. The "imagination of invisible narratives" by Yokote and the "contrast of encounters" by Hanna coexist in the same temporal and spatial dimensions along contradictory axes (urban/wild, sand/stars, streetlight/fog, etc.). In "until soil unites," they blend across their respective scales, encompassing each other, and the sentiments they evoke align as different times, persistently flowing onward.
Hisatomo Kato