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La Turbo Avedon, “Pardon Our Dust”, 2022; Time-based Installation, loop; CGI animation, custom software
La Turbo Avedon, “Pardon Our Dust”, 2022; Time-based Installation, loop; CGI animation, custom software
have i loaded, once again i could see it all reflecting back a canopy advertising every heaven infinite subdivisions, simulated parcels in the surface of this reloading stream Titled “Pardon Our Dust”, the MAK is presenting the first solo exhibition by La Turbo Avedon in Austria. La Turbo Avedon, a non-binary artist and curator [pronouns they/them], exclusively performs as an avatar in the virtual world. For the MAK, La Turbo Avedon developed a new virtual environment as a time-based CGI-installation: Presented on a central largescale projection and five synchronized screens the virtual journey leads through different landscapes and spaces that are in a state of construction and deconstruction—an allusion to the title of the exhibition and the development of Web3. The avatar’s poetic narration begins and ends at a flooded petrol station with the sign “Lethe”: The name is linked to the mythological river Lethe, the river of oblivion. According to the Greek mythology, drinkers of the Lethe’s water would lose their memories before entering the realm of immortality. Various interactions with water thus structure the complex narration that unfolds around questions of transformation and time through the avatar’s poetic monologue. While the story line develops on the central projection, moving through different abandoned virtual environments like suburban houses or a lush forest, the vertical screens turn into virtual “fortune-telling machines” with four different animated versions of La Turbo Avedon avatar-self, prompting visitors to leave flowers. The horizontal screen acts as a “mirror” and portal to the virtual world, reflecting the spoken text. A machine learning algorithm temporarily takes control of the rendered image sequences creating abstract images which eventually merge to a timeless virtual space, infinitely reflecting brand messages until the focus shifts to a shimmering light in the distance: “Lethe.” “Pardon Our Dust” refers to the development of the internet in the 1990s when this slogan was used on websites under construction. Alluding to the construction of Web3, the metaverse and the jargon of the crypto community, La Turbo Avedon assumes a critical position regarding the alleged decentralization of the internet, privatization of digital space, and the commercial and colonialist heritage of the physical world which is propagated online. The extensive queer and subcultural history of the new media and the beginnings of the internet are a repeating theme for La Turbo Avedon regarding the creation of their own identities as well as the exploration and creation of virtual spaces and meaningful encounters within them. About La Turbo Avedon As an artist, La Turbo Avedon was “born” in 2008/09 in the collective online computer game Second Life. Since then, they have been living and working in cyberspace, creating digital installations, simulations, sculptures, videos, and performances while running virtual art spaces like Club Rothko and Panther Modern. In their work La Turbo Avedon assimilates elements from video game environments as well as quotes from the current web culture and critically addresses the medium of the internet and its technological and economic developments.