Łukasz Dziedzic

And when you look at me

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A portrait is one of the most obvious painting choices. Finally, we enter the world into the face. The face is the first to appear when a person appears, often before the drop-off notification appears. another experience of standing face to face is given to witnesses, which is unique, once recorded by Emmanuel Levinas, a French philosopher. In his case, with the face, responsibility for it must be evoked, because there is a threat in it that awakens the impulse to protect. But this face, which may arouse concern, often becomes a target of violence. The faces in Łukasz Dziedzic's paintings, like any other, are palimpsests, i.e. places with history overwritten on them, for example their own family history, maps of shared guilt, but also of forgiveness. In the report "And when you warn me", traumas related to literal facial injuries are also used in certain symbolic ways, they are routine consequences of experiences that we carry within us. The faces painted by Dziedzic can be interpreted superficially as aesthetically everyday events. Psychologically as an expression of bad experiences, experienced or inherited traumas. Clearly as documents, testimony of harm done to faces by the world or as a result of self-aggression. If each face is associated with an application record, the same question arises: how many faces can it bear and in which does a person appear who loses it. There are portraits of the artist derealized and aestheticized. As if they wanted to evoke conflicting emotions. How important the uncertainty of their reception was to him. The painting project "And when you think of me" also seems to be a reaction to the socio-political consequences: armed conflicts, pandemics and viruses, isolation, severe collective experience of fear and uncertainty. Łukasz Dziedzic (1977) audiovisual artist, musician, artist, designer and art curator. He creates videos, installations, music projects, and is the curator of many exhibitions. He works with the medium of painting, using this technique to work through harmful and uncomfortable defenses. In applications that concern bodily issues, sexuality, effects, consequences, moments that create effects, but also in relation to the country, the world and humanity. These themes serve as building blocks for creating a new universe. They interpenetrate in the form of a secret visual marking of the notebook, which mixes details from life, scenes from official events to the history of culture, art, images inspired by photos from newspapers, family albums, iPhone photos, Internet collections and dreams. He showed his exhibitions in Poland and abroad. at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, MOS in Gorzów Wielkopolski, MWW Contemporary Museum Wrocław, BWA in Bielsko Biała, CSW Kronika, Galeria Entrance in Prague. www.lukasz-dziedzic.com
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